Albuquerque Areas & Neighborhoods

There are so many different areas to choose from in the Albuquerque area. Each one holds its own unique and special features.

albuquerque sunset

Downtown: Downtown offers tons of food options and entertainment, as well as shopping. It’s easy to get to anywhere from here. You can also walk or bike anywhere within the area.

Uptown: The heart of the city’s modern shopping and business district. Upscale dining and living areas. Pedestrian friendly. Great neighborhood that is close to highways, and easy access to everything.

Old Town: As historic as it gets. Truly shows original Albuquerque. Tons of amazing food options. Adobe housing, and close to city center. Filled with culture and entertainment.

NE Heights: Beautiful views of the mountains, as well as the city. Easy access to everything, including highways. Tons of parks and trails for walking/running/biking.

SE Heights: Close to all of the major colleges. Also called the International District, plentiful eating options. City living, with easy access to highways.

North Valley: Traditional and historic housing styles. Spacious lots that are great for farming, horses and livestock. Many of the properties in the area of Albuquerque are irrigated. There are tons of trails near the river for walking/running/biking.

South Valley: An area that is rich in Spanish culture, and offers a great amount of Hispanic food to choose from. The South Valley feels like country living, all within the city limits. Spacious lots, and larger houses with generally more square footage.

West Side: Modern housing styles. In addition, sizable lots, and extensive houses. Extraordinary views of the city, from the opposite side of the mountains.

Corrales: Housing design that is second to none. Small village community. Great spot for horses and farming. Most of the land is enormous as well as irrigated. This area is on CNN’s best 100 places to live.