Spring Season Sprucing

The spring season is here, and it’s about time for spring cleaning and spring sprucing!

First and foremost, landscaping is how you represent your home to potential buyers. Consequently, one of the best times to redesign the outside of your home, is in the spring. Some of the smallest things can be done to infinitely improve your home, and how it is portrayed. The path to your front door should be clear; your walk should be clean and inviting. After all, this is a first impression as well as an open invitation to come in and take a look.

Spring Flowers

In New Mexico, color is absolutely essential. We are in the desert, so color your world! Potted plants are easier to move, and much easier to care for and upkeep than those you may plant in your garden. Purchase the beautiful orange and pink pots we have available here; use them to bring attention to your front yard, as well as pops of color. Containers are a vital part of modern landscape, they can add the right touch of sophistication and allure to entryways, patios, and decks.


SpringAlso, cut back trees and overgrown shrubbery, to make your house visible from the street. Update lighting covers, replace old light bulbs, hang a new flag, plant something annual. Keep the lawn green with a freshly cut appearance. If you have zero scape, spruce up the rock with a new load of rocks, strategically placed to enhance the current rocks. Take full advantage of our amazing sunshine and invest in some solar powered yard lights! These make a driveway or walkway light up. Furthermore, these require no additional maintenance. To recreate your entry, try adding some color. However, keep in mind, sometimes the tiniest things make the biggest impressions; this can be the difference between your home being shown, and being sold. 

Let your home SHINE WITH COLOR!

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